Vocalmeet Is Revolutionizing the Way Member-Based Organizations Deliver Education Online

Vocalmeet Is Revolutionizing the Way Member-Based Organizations Deliver Education Online

Many organizations and associations complain that their Learning Management System (LMS) is not user friendly, lacks the ability to engage members, and is outdated, with limited opportunities to monetize online education content.

If it’s time to look for a new LMS that is capable of delivering your association or organization members a better user experience, one that uses state-of-the-art technology and offers unparalleled customer service and project management, Vocalmeet may very well be the solution you’ve been looking for. And, in this era of change, the focus on monetizing your continuing education programs offer countless opportunities for non-dues revenue and membership growth.

Vocalmeet makes it simple and easy for members and non-members to find, purchase, and complete continuing education courses through their innovative design and simple layout, and they also provide guidance and technical support for those who may need assistance.

With Vocalmeet’s customizable e-commerce options, members can expect an easy Amazon-like experience when purchasing their continuing education courses.

Many attorneys, for example, rush to complete their Continuing Legal Education (CLE) requirements during the last three calendar months of the year, before their year-end deadline, and where an outdated LMS will struggle to handle the rush of users on the platform. Vocalmeet is perfectly capable of dealing with a large and rapid influx of system users.

The Birmingham Bar Association uses Vocalmeet’s LMS for their Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs. The team at Vocalmeet takes care of all aspects of implementation, platform set-up, course development and technical support to the association’s members and non-members.

When asked to describe her experience with Vocalmeet, Jennifer Buettner, Executive Director at The Birmingham Bar Association states, “The onboarding process was incredibly easy and the Vocalmeet staff has been extremely pleasant to work with. I went through the entire process myself to complete a CLE course, and I continue to be pleased with my decision to sign on with Vocalmeet.”

Like The Birmingham Bar Association, any association that chooses Vocalmeet is able to focus their full attention on the core business initiatives of delivering quality and value to its members by relying on and trusting in Vocalmeet’s easy-to-use, online learning platform.

Vocalmeet makes the development of fresh, state-of-the-art continuing education platforms easy and simple for associations, and their free marketing services allow an association to quickly realize a return on their initial investment. The team at Vocalmeet believes that automation is vital to the success of continuing education programs as it leads to higher revenue and better member engagement.

An easy-to-use online education platform is also essential when it comes to increasing the sales for online courses, as members are far more likely to flock to a user-friendly solution like Vocalmeet, than one that takes time and resources to understand.

Visit Vocalmeet online today to learn more about their online learning solutions and the benefits of their new technology.

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