Regal Security Expands into the USA

Regal Security Expands into the USA

Why businesses and organizations across the USA are in dire need of more security guards and integrated security solutions.

The increasing demand for security services across the United States has prompted Regal Security to extend its expertise beyond Canadian borders.

The renowned integrated security firm has announced its expansion into the U.S. market with the creation of two new corporations – Regal Security (USA) Inc., registered in Delaware, and Regal Security (FL) Inc., registered in Florida. The move underscores the increasing need for comprehensive security solutions to ensure the safety of businesses and organizations in an evolving security landscape.

The expansion into the U.S. market comes in response to a pressing demand for enhanced security measures. Businesses and organizations across various sectors are seeking robust security solutions to mitigate emerging and constantly evolving threats. Regal Security’s proven track record in delivering top-notch integrated security services positions the company as an ideal partner to address this growing demand.

Regal Security’s journey to prominence began in 2006 when it was founded with a vision to provide unparalleled security services to a dynamic and evolving marketplace. Over the years, the company has transformed from its origins in personal security services into an industry leader with a significant presence across Canada. With operations extending from the Greater Toronto Area to Halton, southern and western Ontario, and even Vancouver, BC, Regal Security has firmly established itself as a trusted security partner.

The years spanning from 2010 to 2016 witnessed the company’s growth through the cultivation of assorted business relationships, laying the foundation for sustained organic expansion. Additional milestones included the establishment of affiliate companies – Regotec Systems Inc. and Regolive Monitoring Inc. – in 2017 and 2018, diversifying the firm’s services and enhancing its capabilities.

Regal Security’s growth continued with geographical expansion, including in British Columbia and Alberta. The subsequent years were marked by further expansion, including the opening of a recruiting and training office in midtown Toronto in 2021 and the acquisition of assets from another security company that provided escort and static guard services at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The establishment of Regal CyberSecure Inc. in the same year highlighted the company’s foresight in addressing emerging cybersecurity challenges.

The company’s affiliations with esteemed associations, including CANASA (Canadian Security Association), ASIS International, BOMA Toronto, AMCO (Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario), and CCI (Canadian Condominium Institute) Toronto Area Chapter, underscore its dedication to industry collaboration and maintaining the highest standards.

Regal Security’s expansion into the U.S. market is marked by its unwavering dedication to providing cutting-edge security solutions. The establishment of the Training Academy within its Mississauga headquarters remains a testament to its commitment to comprehensive training for its security personnel. Aligned with the Private Security and Investigative Services Act (PSISA) Regulations, the academy offers a blend of in-person and online training to meet the varied needs of multiple sectors.

With revenues exceeding $100 million, Regal Security stands as a prominent figure in the integrated security sector, serving hundreds of clients across various sectors, including residential, corporate/commercial, healthcare, retail, education, industrial, airport, insurance, and construction.

The firm offers a number of security and integrated security services: Concierge, Foot Patrols, CCTV Surveillance, Security Desk, Mobile Patrols, Access Control, Gatehouse Security, Electronic Patrols, Cybersecurity, Inspections, Traffic Control, airport DA escorts and Remote Monitoring. Regal Security also offers Theft Deterrence and Prevention, Fire Watch, Security Analysis, Assessment and Consulting, and runs a 24/7/365 Operations Centre. The firm also offers private security guard and investigative services for clients.



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