Prominent International Business Leader and Distinguished Academic Joins the IdeaPros Team

Prominent International Business Leader and Distinguished Academic Joins the IdeaPros Team

Juan F. Roche Named Chief Advisor for the Consumer Goods and Food Products Division with a San Diego-based Company that’s helping entrepreneurs from around the world turn their great ideas into tomorrow’s must-have products

IdeaPros is a world renowned company that’s helping elevate the success rate of new and innovative products and apps, and today they are pleased to announce that a notable business leader and academic will join its team to help its partners turn their great ideas into tomorrow’s must-have products. 

Juan F. Roche, PhD, has been named Chief Advisor for the Consumer Goods and Food Products Division with IdeaPros – a San Diego-based business that serves as a strategic partner for entrepreneurs from across the USA, Canada, and around the world. IdeaPros guides new innovators from passion to profit, and they currently work with nearly 200 Certified Partners. 

“I am very honored and excited to take on this new role with IdeaPros – a well-known company that’s partnering with scores of ‘big thinkers’ locally, nationally, and internationally,” says Roche. “I gladly accepted this opportunity for two key reasons: Firstly, I deeply enjoy guiding entrepreneurs to success and learning from them at the same time; Secondly, I admire IdeaPros for having a solid business model – they put their money where their mouth is and deliver amazing results for entrepreneurs who want to take their products to market. IdeaPros has experienced tremendous success and I am thrilled to help them grow further on the local and international stage.” 

Roche has a proven track record of success in the business world with multibillion-dollar corporations, specializing in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and performance turnarounds.

He is also a Professor of Practice at the University of San Diego’s Kroc School of Peace and Justice and Business School, and his research and teaching interests involve leadership and ethics, global leadership, sustainable business models, business innovation for social change, and business strategy.  

He is currently a Senior Partner with Renaissance Growth Advisors – a leading consulting agency serving major corporations in Latin America. 

Roche has served as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Gruma Corporation (Mission Foods) in Dallas, Texas, a $2-billion corporation, and was also the President for Latin America and Europe, Middle East and Africa for Nabisco International (USA, Spain), a $1-billion operation. Additionally, he previously held the titles of CEO/CFO and Supply Chain Director/Group Product Manager for Mavesa, a Procter and Gamble JV in Caracas, Venezuela. 

He holds a PhD in Leadership from the University of San Diego, an MBA Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Universidad Católica Andres Bello, Caracas, Venezuela.

“My main contribution as Chief Advisor with IdeaPros is to educate its partners on unique business systems and models and how they are applied to various industries,” adds Roche. “So, I am all set to play a big role in helping today’s innovative minds reach the success they dream of once their products hit the market.”

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