Proceeds from The LightBoard Depot Sales will Support Arts for Better Tomorrow (ABT) in Hollywood

Proceeds from The LightBoard Depot Sales will Support Arts for Better Tomorrow (ABT) in Hollywood

The news out of Hollywood keeps getting better.

Actor Jose Yenque (Traffic, Lucifer, Law & Order: SVU) and the not-for-profit organization he founded, Arts for a Better Tomorrow (ABT), are now utilizing The LightBoard Depot to bring social-emotional art-based education to “at-promise youth,” who have routinely faced traumatic experiences in their lives.

Partnering to support ABT, The LightBoard Depot has announced that proceeds from sales of its technology in the USA will be directed to ABT’s programs – a move that will definitely have an immediate, positive and meaningful impact on ABT youth.

Based in Canada and now sold in the United States, The LightBoard Depot recently connected with Yenque, his staff and the volunteers at ABT after learning how the non-profit initiative is making a positive impact in the lives of teens facing challenges in the under-served communities. ABT offers an alternative, rehabilitative, and therapeutic arts-based program like no other and helps teens tap into and develop their instinctive strength and resilience which helps them become productive, contributing citizens of the world.

“Even though COVID-19 has turned our world upside down – economically and emotionally – our team quickly transitioned the program to on-line interactive learning, continuing the work of helping underserved youth in US public schools. ABT has been searching for new technology to amp up its online program,” says Yenque.

The LightBoard Depot offers the latest technology for informational learning and Ligntboards are being built for colleges and universities throughout the United States to offer this unique engaging experience.

“So much has changed since the pandemic and we were concerned about the negative impact it would have on ABT’s ability to provide its comprehensive learning programs.  The LightBoard Depot is a game changer for educators and learners. Now ABT youth will get access to a whole new learning experience, that without The Lightboard Depot would not be possible.

“Virtual learning has given ABT a broader reach and for us it is definitely here to stay. I am honoured and thrilled that ABT and The LightBoard Depot have formed a partnership. This collaboration and new technology will have many benefits now and well into the future,” adds Yenque.

The LightBoard Depot is a forward-thinking start-up device with a 54-inch transparent glass screen, similar to a whiteboard or chalk board that is designed to fit into small spaces. The LightBoard Depot is positioned between a camera and the presenter, allowing the presenter to draw on it, much the same way as they would on a whiteboard or blackboard. And thanks to Free Open-Source-Software that is readily accessible and easy to use, the presenter’s lesson, along with drawings and videos and power-points, are flipped so the audience can see them front on.

Mike Justason, who is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University, is the brainchild behind bringing this new and innovative technology from the studio into the homes of educators and business leaders.

“I wanted The LightBoard Depot to teach engineering and math but seeing the technology branch out into the Arts is very satisfying. This is a great cause led by a great guy.  We’re happy to be involved,” says Justason.


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