Plan your next big event, or to score your next big gig with My Event Advisor App

Plan your next big event, or to score your next big gig with My Event Advisor App

An entrepreneur is busy bringing the world together through a new app he just developed and it’s going to be a massive hit on the market.

Called My Event Advisor App, this new platform will transform the way we all book events, and it will have huge impact on the economy here in the United States and beyond.

The brainchild behind the app is Dr. Christopher Shawn Wilson, a well-known businessman in his hometown, home state, and across the USA.

My Event Advisor is the best one-stop-shop for planning your next big event,” says Dr. Wilson during an interview. “The app will greatly benefit consumers and professionals who now have the opportunity to showcase their services in towns and cities from coast-to-coast. The platform, which is innovative and highly secure on the technology front, will bring everyone together and will keep the economy moving in a big way.”

So, how exactly does the app work? Well, it’s all very simple.

Let’s start with the user side. All users need to do is download the app, create a profile with their location, and then they can instantly start accessing service providers – DJs, venues, hosts, caterers, photographers, promoters, security guard, stylists, and event planners.

That’s right, My Event Advisor will be the new ‘go-to’ app for anyone who wants to plan an event, and all of the available service providers can be accessed with the touch of a finger.

Then there’s the service provider side of the app. So, if you own a business, you just sign up, list your location and services, and users can connect with you as they plan their event.

The new app is all about simplicity, where you can find, book and pay for your event all in one place, which means that you don’t have to browse scores of online web pages to find an event planner or service providers in your area.

The free platform assists users with their planning, organizing, and optimizing their corporate, social, or private events. In turn, service providers have an outlet to promote their work and availability and make money too.

Yes – the app is a win-win for everyone and it launches on March 15, 2021.

“The events industry is a $60 billion-dollar industry and now we are bringing everyone together in one place and simplifying the planning process involved in organizing an event,” adds Dr. Wilson. “My Event Advisor is a cinch to use and it will be an effective tool in the future of event planning, both for users and service providers alike. We are thrilled to launch our new app and we are excited with what the future holds for users, service providers, and our economy.”

My Event Advisor App was developed by Airetech Holdings LLC. The app will soon be available on Google Play and the App Store.

To plan your next big event, or to score your next big gig, visit


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  • Yordonas Gebreab
    November 30, 2020, 8:44 pm

    Great story. Great read. Dr C S Wilson is the real deal!!!

  • Terry Wilson
    December 1, 2020, 12:02 am

    So proud of this. Keep it coming Paul!

  • Dr C S Wilson
    December 1, 2020, 12:03 am

    Paul is the best in the business, no doubt!

  • William McGee
    December 1, 2020, 12:06 am

    Amazing story. This is going to be a hit for sure! #myeventadvisor

  • Javon Watson
    December 1, 2020, 2:15 am

    He’s busy bringing the world back together agin. This is an amazing story. This is great journalism too.


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