Lorraine Simpson: New technology is restoring confidence in travel consumers and will help the travel industry grow

Lorraine Simpson: New technology is restoring confidence in travel consumers and will help the travel industry grow

The pandemic may have left many of us broken, but new technology is playing a big role in helping get the $1.5-trillion-dollar global tourism industry back on its feet.

That’s right – new tech is playing a massive role now and new innovations are boosting travel, both for businesses and travel consumers alike.

I am all for new tech saving the day. Global restrictions imposed earlier this year due to the pandemic has brought international travel to a screeching halt, causing a 22 per cent fall in international tourist arrivals during the first quarter of 2020, and it could further decline 60 to 80 per cent for the entire year.

But there is lots of hope; don’t despair. Trust me on this one!

DragonSlayer is a new platform with pandemic updates

DragonSlayer is new and exciting technology that is now revolutionizing the “new normal” in travel. This cutting-edge platform provides up-to-date COVID-19 insights and it’s very easy to use.

According to the company, DragonSlayer is now changing the way travel professionals work with their clients. Through its proprietary technologies, all 50 states in the USA and 124 countries are ranked with SAFE-T (Smart Analytics for Educating Travellers) which can be customized further to any risk tolerance with its unique filtering options.

The platform offers the latest information on the reopening of states and a growing list of countries. With a quick glance, you can immediately identify which destinations still require quarantines and you also get to learn more about local conditions on arrival.

So, whether it is COVID-19 testing protocols, quarantines or open beaches, the platform helps travellers know all the right facts before they hop on a plane. This is great as you are informed properly before booking your ticket and checking your bags in.



I had a chance this week to meet up with Peter Wells, the brainchild behind this new technology, and he is very enthusiastic with how it will help the industry. I applaud Peter and his team for their innovation and how they developed a great idea during a pandemic.

“The DragonSlayer mission is to provide both travelers and their trusted travel advisors with centralized, real-time information to regain the confidence to book their next trip. Travel professionals play a key role in the travel industry’s recovery. DragonSlayer believes their intuitive platform can unite the industry by enabling all to share their insights and ensure accuracy,” writes the company in its promotional materials.

“Whether you are an avid traveler or work with a travel professional, the DragonSlayer platform is your secret weapon,” the company adds. “They have created a growing community of Travel Slayers who utilize DragonSlayer to keep up with borders reopening and sometimes spontaneously closing, attractions shutting down, and hotels’ new safety protocols. You no longer need to feel overwhelmed or spend hours researching. Start rebuilding confidence and get involved in the movement to get the world traveling again.”

I encourage those in the business and travel enthusiasts to check out this new technology and start using it now. It’s great to have and it’s really going to help get people flying and booking trips again.

The travel industry is a huge economy, and this tech, in good time that is, will help us get back to pre-pandemic travel numbers – that’s the goal and I am sold.

Technology and the future of travel

Technology will continue to play a massive role in the future of travel, and it will be greatly needed on the consumer and business fronts.

We now have contactless check-ins at hotels and airports, and even robots are helping clean airplanes quickly between flights and they are also delivering beer and wine and food at rooms at notable “places to stay” around the world.

There are even new apps that remind us when to wash our hands and allow us to record our daily temperatures, and let’s also not forget human disinfection domes that are being trialed at airports. Then there is the rapid testing initiative that is being trialed at the Calgary International Airport (YYC) and at airports around the world. Digital health passes of sorts too will help keep the ebb and flow of travel moving nicely, and even airlines and travel businesses are looking to amp things up with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for IDs, electronic passports, medical screening, and more!

Travel is coming back, thanks to new technology. Sure, we are experiencing lots of change but soon we will all be travelling again and businesses will enjoy the next big boom; after all, they deserve good news after the industry has pretty much been shut down for the last eight months.

So, what will travel look like in a post-pandemic world?

I will admit it, travel will be different, but we will all adapt.

We will have apps, AI, lots of testing, people will always be required to social distance, wear masks and wash their hands, and destinations will need to be cleaner than ever on all fronts.

Tech will help us get back and start-ups everywhere are working hard to make a positive difference for travel consumers and the industry as a whole.

As for me, I am all ready to board a flight. It’s been way too long, and the smell of jet fuel is calling my name.


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