Lorraine Simpson: Cool tech for our new era of travel

Lorraine Simpson: Cool tech for our new era of travel

Yes, from lockdown to reopening, COVID-19 has thrown us all for a loop.

For us travelers itching to get back in the air, the good news is that lots of technology is being developed that will help keep us safer at the departure and arrival zones, at hotels, and in the air.

While I have been slowly getting back into travel, I have also had the amazing opportunity to research all sorts of new technology out there and I am blown away with what’s on the market. And one thing is certain: new innovations will help boost everyone’s confidence to travel again.

So, here is my list of top tech products that will put your mind at ease while on the way to the airport.

Meet Bo, your new buddy at the airport

Earlier this month, BotsAndUs launched its new customer service robot on the market for in-terminal passengers (arrivals and departures). The robot, called Bo, is able to autonomously engage passengers and he takes them right to their preferred locations – duty free shops, lounges, stores, restaurants, and gates. Bo will soon be making his rounds at London Heathrow and the company has plans to soon launch him at airports around the world.

Let a robot clean the plane!

We all know that airlines have been hit hard with the pandemic. The numbers in travelers globally has dropped dramatically, and now with travel slowly reopening, airlines everywhere are doing their part to keep planes cleaner and safer. A case in point is how many airlines are using robots to disinfect planes. One example is Dimer UCV Innovations, who just developed their very own robot to get a plane spic-and-span clean in just minutes, ensuring safety for passengers and efficiency on the logistics and scheduling fronts. The developers of this UC-V Cleaning Machine report that some commercial airlines are now using their technology, and they assure it will be used on many airlines across North America and world-wide before the flu season hits.

Stay safe and get styling with these new temperature-reading glasses

Before you put on your shades to get beach-ready at the airport, there is a new brand of glasses that are a must for our new era of travel. Called Rokid, these glasses use an infrared sensor and camera, allowing users to essentially “see” the temperature of people around them. The goal with this new product is two-fold: it serves as a temperature detection device and it encourages social distancing. According to its developers, users can measure up to 10 people’s temperatures simultaneously.

Hand washing – yes, there’s an app for that!

There are tons of hand washing apps on the market, and one that’s getting lots of attention is Kindred. This new app that hit the market when the lockdown started in North America is awesome: you just download it and it reminds everyone of when and how often they need to wash their hands. Even better, the app offers daily hand washing tips, and logs your hand washing activities. Kindred can also record a user’s body temperature anonymously daily and all information will be stored in an organized database, allowing users to see where there are spikes in temperatures in a large number of geographic locations.

Meet Rosé – the social distancing robot ambassador

With hotels opening back up, don’t be surprised to see Rosé at your door, bringing you wine and good eats. Yes, this robot is now being used at a number of hotels in California and soon will be launched world-wide to give guests that true peace of mind while staying at a hotel. Rosé can bring you anything – pillows, treats, towels, and even groceries – and she is sanitized after each delivery.

The future of travel has arrived!

There are so many new innovations hitting the market. There are even apps coming out that will tell you how clean your hotel or airplane is. And there is no stopping big companies from churning out safety-themed technology, so be prepared to see the market flooded with all sorts of gadgets, robots, and apps. This is COVID-19 and to survive we all need to utilize cutting-edge technology to help keep us safer.

Keep in mind the basics when you travel: wash your hands, wear a mask, practice social distancing, and know all the rules when traveling between countries.

Stay tuned: I will be offering more tech coverage for all you travelers. In the meantime, if you have any questions and need help with your travel plans, contact me today – I am glad to help you out!

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