How Lander will revolutionize the hiring process

How Lander will revolutionize the hiring process

Well-known online career hubs are tedious, time-wasting, impersonal, and in a word outdated.

Candidates spend hours browsing jobs and submitting individual resumes, drafting cover letter after cover letter, just to find their email inbox empty because they didn’t apply to the right jobs. Lander is revolutionizing the hiring process by streamlining and organizing the job search system and making it more personal. Stop wasting time on disorganized career hub conglomerates. Lander connects the right people with the right jobs and the best part is you only have to apply once.

With Lander, candidates submit their profiles to specific industries and specific positions within their pools. Lander profiles contain the applicant’s resume and personalize the hiring experience with a short video detailing accomplishments and career goals. Candidates no longer need to submit hundreds of resumes, the job search is no longer a full-time job.

Candidates don’t have to sift through a pile of jobs that don’t interest them or for which they aren’t qualified, hoping to find a diamond in the rough. And they don’t need to apply to each individual job that might be a good fit only to find out they’ve wasted their time a week later when they haven’t heard back. Once candidates have submitted their resumes under the job position they are looking for, their profiles will populate for hiring managers looking for candidates in that area.

The personalized element of Lander’s application process is revolutionary for candidates and hiring managers. The video component allows candidates to gain a competitive advantage and allows hiring managers to get a sense of the applicant and whether they are a fit with company culture before proceeding to an interview.

Lander saves hiring managers 50% of their search time, seriously cutting costs on what can be an expensive hiring process. And what’s more, is thanks to Lander’s personalized platform they will have a much better sense of who they’re hiring to ensure the candidate is well-suited for the position. The job search is expensive and it’s important to make the right decision and form a long-term relationship between the applicant and hiring manager.

Hiring managers will benefit greatly from Lander but above all this platform is game-changing for job seekers. Career changes are stressful but the job search doesn’t have to be. Lander takes the stress out of job searching and saves countless hours, all while landing the employee a well-suited job and beginning a long-lasting professional relationship.

Lander is an IdeaPros Certified Partner and the app will launch in June 2022. Visit Lander online today and get a head start on your hiring needs or landing that next big gig!



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