From Prison to the Atlanta Tech Village

From Prison to the Atlanta Tech Village

A group of men began developing and designing apps in prison, with creativity and drive leading them all the way to the Silicon Valley of the South.

Now they have joined the ranks of leading innovators in the Atlanta Tech Village, the fourth largest tech hub in the United States.

AGAIT Holdings LLC is an entity that designs apps, games, and information technology.

With its first two designs (both under new management), My Event Advisor (an event management platform) and Zipplign (a social media trending app), these business leaders are ready to make a positive impact for consumers on the market.

Both apps were designed and founded by Ja’von L. Watson, Travis J. Wilson, Bryan J. Wilson, and Kevin J. Bass Jr. – all who met at the Lawrenceville Correctional Center in Virginia.

What is a prison experience like?

“Prison is a place filled with chaos, drugs, violence, and miseducation. These are the things that we will change in our community, educational system, and the criminal justice system. We became the niche, separating ourselves from the environment while within the environment,” says Bass.

So, what led these dynamic business gurus into the app business?

“I attended a global leadership summit, where a man known throughout the facility as a prophet stared at me intensely, as if peering into my soul. He told me a simple message that he received from God: ‘Mr. Watson is going to make millions in the app business,’” recalls Watson.

“Confused by the encounter in 2018, and with having never designed an app before, I innocently paid little attention to the message he delivered. Months later, an overflow of creativity flashed before me in vivid colors of orange and red; it was frightening but exciting. The website for Event Advisor was drawn on a wall in my cell. I used toothpaste as glue, a razor as scissors, and photos out of magazines to describe the app’s functionality and design. Event Advisor transformed into My Event Advisor, and from there the team was formed in the Lawrenceville Correctional Center. The team began creating logos, artwork, and more, with the goal of making the world a better place,” adds Watson.

Watson credits the Atlanta Tech Village for its continued support for start-ups, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

“After being home only seven months, it has been a struggle getting family, relatives and others to move on the vision. The Atlanta Tech Village is a community of entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals with vision, and it will allow the team to better scale My Event Advisor and Zipplign,” says Watson.

“Each person on the team spent time in prison. Under all that filth in prison was creativity for a family we built. The foster care system, group home system, prison system, molestation, even the systems that are to assist with mental health, all tried to suppress it. Spiritually, I was dead. Emotionally, I was separated from the world. God’s word and listening to Jay Z albums reignited that fire within and the rest is history,” he adds.

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  • Javon Watson
    December 28, 2022, 11:14 am

    Only God knew we would end up here. There’s nothing in my life that stated,”you’re heading to the ATL Tech Village. Amazing.


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