Get your game on with Kaddi

Get your game on with Kaddi

Compact holster holds your ball-marker, tees, divot repair tool and glove!

If you are eagerly waiting for the next golf season, or are lucky enough to play it year-round in the warmer temps, then you need to know about a new product that will help improve your love for the game and give you an edge over the competition.

Meet Kaddi – a “must have” product for those who enjoy hitting the links.

The brainchild of this invention is Gary Krauter, a golfing enthusiast who hails from the Chicago-area.

Kaddi is an innovative compact holster that clips on your belt, or any outfit, and holds all the right golf accessories – ball-marker, tees, divot repair tool and glove. The holster also boasts comfort and style, all in one.

Krauter just unveiled his new product at the annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL, and it was a smash hit among golfers!

“Years ago, I read What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School – a book about inventing products that offered solutions,” recalls Krauter.  “So, one day during a round of golf, I became frustrated dealing with my tee tucked under a shoelace and the other accessories were in my front and back pockets. I remember thinking to myself, that I needed to invent a product that will offer golfers a solution that would prevent them from having to reach into their pockets or go back to their golf bags searching for tees, divot tools, ball-markers or a glove while likely holding up play.”

The rest is history!

The product will stop wear-and-tear on clothing. If you can believe it, during a single round of golf, a person can reach into their pockets up to 144 times, so this handy holster will keep your Polo and Tommy Bahama shorts nice and clean.

Kaddi will also help you gain a competitive edge on the greens as it improves your speed of play, resulting in a superior golf experience and improved player satisfaction. Even better, this product will keep you organized, calm and prepared, which means that you can focus on your next shot, instead of searching for all those clunky accessories.

Then there is the dreaded “play through.” Yes, appearing to be “slow,” can be downright intimidating and is shunned upon at just about every golf course. However, with Kaddi everything you need is at your side, so you can spend your time better, by getting ready for your next big shot.

Kaddi will protect against losing divot tools with a magnetic system and promotes golfers to fix their divots for higher quality of greens, for everyone to enjoy. Kaddi is a great birthday, Father’s Day/Mother’s Day, or a holiday season gift for that special golfer in your life. Kaddi is also perfect as a promotional product, as the holster is the right size for corporate logos, which is an amazing way to advertise your brand to other golfers.

Golf fanatics who have tried out the product just love it.

“I’ve ruined golf shorts, and pants with the tee tips making holes in my pockets. I’ve also had tees go under my fingernails, while trying to find them in my pockets. Since using Kaddi, those issues have gone away,” says Loretta Martin.

Jay Smith echoes this view. “Kaddi is amazing. No more time and hassle going through my pockets and searching for tees.”

Doug Sanders highly recommends it too. “Kaddi is very lightweight and nimble. It stays out of the golfers’ way during the swing and is extremely easy to access your golf utensils without even looking down.”

Krauter is a well-experienced professional. He is currently a Client Executive for a global software company, and is a US Army Veteran, serving in the Military Intelligence Division at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii (Rank-SP4).

“I am excited with the next chapter in my life,” he says. “My product is soon officially launching, and I know it’s going to be a big hit on the market. Golfers will really enjoy it and it will help their game on so many levels.”

Order The Kaddi today and get your game on!

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