Traveling during a pandemic and what you need to know, according to Lorraine Simpson

Traveling during a pandemic and what you need to know, according to Lorraine Simpson

As countries slowly start to open-up their doors tentatively to tourists, here is what you need to know to get ready for the green light from Canada.

Our one-on-one interview with Lorraine Simpson, Cityline TV Travel Expert and Travel Guru, gives you the scoop on traveling during a pandemic.

Q&A with Lorraine Simpson

Q. Is travel from Canada Banned?

LS. No. There is currently an advisory for all Canadian residents advising against all non-essential travel, however this is an advisory, not a ban, and therefore travel is not illegal and is soon to be changed, according to those in the know.

Q. As a Canadian where can I travel right now?

LS. There are several flights from Air Canada operating from Canada; however, you must be aware of restrictions upon arriving into a country and returning back to Canada. In my next article I will tell you more about where you can go to and how to get there. Follow me on Instagram @lorrainesimpsontravels

Q. Will I be able to get travel insurance if there is a travel advisory in place?

LS. No. Most insurance companies will not insure you if there is a travel advisory. To be safe, you should wait till the advisory is lifted.

Q. When do you see the advisory being lifted?

LS. I do not have a crystal ball, but there are rumours that the advisory will be lifted by the end of the month. Many more flights are being added from July 1st from Canada, which does indicate they know more than we do. Also, tourism councils have been in talks with the government and according to the Daily Mail from London British travelers can come to Canada without quarantine from June 30th. We can not confirm this accurately, so it is based on their say at the moment, however if you follow other countries and their timelines this does seem to tally up.

Q. How safe are the planes?

LS. Airlines are increasing their hygiene protocols to ensure onboard transmissions remain low. Some airlines are using UVC lights to clean surfaces. As an added precaution, you will want to bring your own supply of disinfecting wipes to wipe down tray tables, seat arms, windows, and walls. Physical distancing is tough in a confined space like an airplane. Most airlines have made the middle seat unavailable to help maintain social distancing. The CDC reports most viruses are not easily spread on flights because of how airplanes circulate and filter the air. Air is circulated up to 6 times per hour and processed through HEPA filters which remove 99.97 percent of particles passing through them.

Q. Will I be tested on arrival or do I have to be tested before I travel?

LS. Some airlines, like Emirates, are testing all passengers with a fast track test before travel and some airports are testing on arrival. If you are tested on arrival, like in Vienna for example, you will not have the results right away but you will need to provide an address where you will be staying and would be informed if you had the virus. All countries are different, and you must research for the latest up-to-date information on where you are traveling to and their rules… they change often so be aware.

Q. Will the lines be longer at airports?

LS. At the moment security may be slower, but lines not as long as fewer people will be traveling. Many documents are going paperless, so if you can have everything ready to go it will be much faster. Make sure you keep a handy hand sanitizer ready, and also have a spare mask too as these will become the norm everywhere.

Q. Will I have to wear a mask?

LS. Yes. Most planes, airports and public transport will demand you wear a mask all the time. They can be any kind of face covering and do not have to be medical grade; however, I suggest taking a few so you have one spare in your purse and your luggage.

Q. Will there be other travel restrictions?

LS. Yes. Each airline and airport are coming up with different rules and protocols. I also plan to travel soon and document the entire experience. I will report back to you so that you know everything in this new era of travel.

Remember this: All these measures are to protect you and your fellow passengers. It is not the fault of anyone implementing the measures and if you are running late for your plane because you did not allow extra time for the new measures, then you are the only one to blame.

Remain calm: Remain Kind and Considerate and we will also be able to start to travel safely once again.

Lorraine Soon: Coming Soon – Food and onboard service

Coming soon with Simpson are questions about food and onboard service, where you can travel in Canada, and what the new kind of travel looks and feels like.

Lorraine Simpson, Two Time Magellan Award Winning Travel entrepreneur and now Cityline TV Travel Expert, started out as many Travel Advisors did, with a home based franchise, a computer, and very limited resources. Within five years she was selling over $4-million a year and was collecting multiple awards on a regular basis. Now a regular on National and Regional TV, Lorraine is the most visually recognized Canadian Travel Professional in the Media today. She shares her travel tips with Cityline TV Viewers on a regular basis about locations, travel types, cruises, all inclusive trip, and weddings.

Visit Lorraine Simpson’s website today and discover how she can help “fuel” your travel plans.

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