The Ringer Hoops Named Winner in Top Basketball Invention Category for 2020 by The New York City Herald

The Ringer Hoops Named Winner in Top Basketball Invention Category for 2020 by The New York City Herald

Sure, everything from concerts to sporting events – and all things in between – have been cancelled in the wake of a massive pandemic, including March Madness and the NBA Season, but don’t despair, there is lots of good news still happening in the basketball world.

A case in point is the launch of a new basketball shooting aid called The Ringer, which is now scoring big points among basketball players of all ages and levels, and the pros too!

This new innovation will change lives and will help millions of kids and adults alike master their shot during practice and game-time, and this is why the Editorial Board at The New York City Herald has Named The Ringer Hoops as The Winner in its Top Basketball Invention Category for 2020.

With readers across the United States and beyond, The New York City Herald is now the go-to-technology-source for news junkies who want the scoop on the latest and greatest when it comes to new products and innovations. The widely popular tech publication also owns a number of online newspapers and magazines.

The New York City Herald’s Editorial Board comprises of leading tech journalist from across the nation, who closely reviewed countless product entries for this year’s Basketball Invention Category.

“The Ringer shooting aid is this year’s winner as this product has innovation written all over it,” states the Editorial Board of The New York City Herald in its decision.

“This new device is amazing and there is nothing like it on the market. It is a unique product and one that will soon be commonplace in the backpacks of every player and on every court right across our great nation. The device is teaching kids and adults how to shoot with picture-perfect-form, and The Ringer will be a real confidence booster for the youth and weekend warriors. NCAA Division I and pro players use its precision to refine their form for more consistent shots. Coaches love The Ringer! What was once the most challenging thing for coaches to teach, which is ‘shooting,” has now become easier to teach in groups. If you haven’t had the chance to try out this amazing product, then get your hands on it now – you will enjoy training with it, and it will take your game to a whole new level,” adds the Board.

The brainchild behind the invention is Jonathan Piazza, who hails from Birmingham, Alabama. He also goes by many nicknames in his hometown, like “Coach Piazza,” and more commonly, “The Basketball Whisperer.”

His product is simple to use, working instantaneously. The Ringer drastically improves shooting mechanics by helping players become aware of their form through the entire shot cycle. Before the shot, it aligns the non-shooting hand perpendicular to the ball. During the shot, it prompts proper release and follow-through with perfect coordination between the guide-hand and shooting hand. After the shot, the student will use the unique visual indicators to independently correct their errors.

“I am both honored and humbled to win this year’s big award from The New York City Herald,” says Piazza during an interview.

“For me, inventing The Ringer was more about helping others master their shot on the court and giving people that much-needed confidence to improve their game. However, it is certainly nice to be recognized nationally for something that I created and developed, and which is now being used by scores of basketball fanatics across the United States. From outdoor courts in cities everywhere, to local gyms and large sporting arenas, The Ringer is having a positive impact in so many ways for tons of athletes,” adds Piazza.

When you utilize The Ringer, you will always be a “triple threat” on the court. This is arguably the best basketball training system anchored around the proper positioning and movements of the guide arm, wrist, and thumb.

The Ringer retails for $35.95 (USD), and they also offer a variety of other innovative products: Replacement Training Sleeve ($11.95 USD); Free-Throw Basketball ($39.99 USD); Sharp Shooter Full Barrell, which is their BEST SELLER ($45.00 USD); Sharp Shooter Elite Bundle ($80.00 USD); Full Barrell Class Pack ($225.00 USD); Full Barrell Team Pack ($385.95 USD); and The Ringer Hoops T-Shirt ($19.99).

Visit The Ringer today and get your game on!

The New York City Herald will soon announce its top product winners in Football, Baseball, Hockey, Boxing, Tennis, Cycling, and Fitness Training in the coming months – so stay tuned to see who will shine in all its major sports categories for 2020.

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