Taking control of the future: Entrepreneurs launch SEED Young CEOs

Taking control of the future: Entrepreneurs launch SEED Young CEOs

Taking control of the future!

That is what SEED Enterprise Co-Founders Ja’von L. Watson and Bryan J. Wilson look to do!

With their new program, SEED Young CEOs, they seek to take control of the future of Atlanta, one child at a time. SEED stands for Small Entrepreneur Entity Development. The program will develop the minds of Young CEOs, as they develop their ideas into businesses that will increase the betterment of their lives, family, and community.

“The seeds we sow today determine the fruit we will produce tomorrow,” states Wilson.

So, what is the driving force behind the development of this innovative program?

“We looked at how much further we would be in life, had we been given these tools and taught how to use them properly when we were younger,” explains Wilson. “I had no idea what a business, personal, or financial plan was when I was thirteen. If I knew I could make money off my ideas, I would’ve been a millionaire by the time I was 15. The Kids in this era are brilliant and ideas come easy to them. At SEED Young CEOs, we simply provide the structure they need to transform those ideas into tangible successes.”

What will teens be learning in your program?

“They will learn what a business idea is; business structures; business planning; and financial planning; and more. Ideas have value, they are actually what the world is shaped on. The minds of our youth are goldmines waiting to explode; everything they need to change their lives and the world is inside of them. SEED Young CEOs will teach them how to turn those intangible assets or ideas into tangible assets that produce income for their families and communities,” adds Watson.

Watson continues: “We are literally just getting started, we are building this from the ground up. We pour into the youth what we have, so all contributions from the community at large are welcome. This program is needed. In the state of Georgia alone, according to WSBTV.com News Staff, as of August 4th of this year nearly 85 teens and children have lost their lives to gun violence. That’s 85 too many. Add to that the Casey Foundation 2021 statistics: 35% of Atlanta’s young adults are living in poverty, and there is a 38% absenteeism rate for students. The problems are clear and so is the solution. We have hopes of linking up with other community investors such as Lil Baby and T.I. We need to invest in the future in order to see the changes we desire. It starts with investing in our youth and SEED Young CEOs is the answer to these issues. We will be a nationally known program with centers of learning in every major city, state and eventually international. This is the vision, and we will make it happen one seed at a time.”

Wow! Now that’s a cause everyone should get behind. You heard it here first; these young men are going to change young minds and build a better tomorrow in the process!

For further information and support you can contact them at https://seedyoungceos.com/

Mary Boyd

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