Lorraine Simpson: Would you give up sex for a year to travel right now?

Lorraine Simpson: Would you give up sex for a year to travel right now?

According to a new survey from Trivago, 38% of Americans say they’d give up sex for a year to go on a trip right now.

The survey polled more than 2,000 adults in the US and UK to see how consumers are planning, dreaming, and considering travel in 2021.

The part that surprised me was that one in five respondents said they would give up their partner to travel now.

I would give up a lot, but my partner, no way, never. He is an essential worker and has not stopped working throughout this pandemic. Every day he would not only be paying bills I used to be able to pay, but he was also talking me off a proverbial ledge on a regular basis.

Mental health struggles have increased hugely during the pandemic and travel is certainly a part of life to me, a job, a business, a passion and to see family overseas too. It has been incredibly difficult to many people not to be able to see loved ones and I will be travelling first to see my family that’s for sure!

A majority of the people surveyed (80%) said travel is a part of a well-rounded life. Respondents said the inability to travel is one of the worst parts of the pandemic and it’s the most they’ve ever felt like traveling.

People surveyed were all of a similar mindset and 25% said they’d give up all their savings and a whopping 48% of US participants said they would give up their job.

Travel has been forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the industry has been hit hard. Masks are now required when flying or on public transportation. Many states and countries require a coronavirus test and quarantining. Gone are the days of country-hopping with just your passport and visa.

Airlines have stepped up their cleaning protocols for disinfecting aircraft.

Hotels and airlines have also loosened their change and cancellation policies, allowing customers to make adjustments to their itineraries for free.

Right now, in Canada, we are being asked not to travel unless it is for essential reasons and even then, the measures are very strict on returning and quarantining.

But I do see the end of the tunnel. It is distant. It is small but I feel that vaccines are certainly a trigger towards recovery.

Be it a Vaccine Passport, a rapid testing solution or PCR testing or a combination of them all: its coming and when it does, I think the rush to the airport will be very real!




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