Lorraine Simpson: “What’s On Your Post-Pandemic Bucket List?” TV Show will help reboot the travel industry

Lorraine Simpson: “What’s On Your Post-Pandemic Bucket List?” TV Show will help reboot the travel industry

The travel industry has been hit hard – turned upside down in fact.

But don’t despair, the industry is reopening in strategic phases and everyone is playing their part in combatting the global pandemic.

Think of all this as a hiccup – wait, a big hiccup, but now I am doing all I can do help give this industry a big reboot. That’s right, myself and everyone needs to put all the COVID-19 talk in their rear-view mirror and look to the road ahead with hope and confidence.

My new show, “What’s On Your Post-Pandemic Bucket List?,” has just been launched and I know it will help every travel-adventurer plan their next big trek to an exotic location, or somewhere off the beaten path.

The show just launched at the annual Travel & Leisure Show and it was an instant hit, according to those who watched it from start to finish. This year’s show was virtual, and it was great to see scores of people attending – industry professionals and travel consumers alike.

My first guest is the “Willy Wonka” of Hospitality, Bill Bensley

Bill is known as a highly qualified jack of all trades – gardener, fisherman, architect, interior designer, lover of all things natural, and most of all, a wide-ranging explorer of as many corners of the earth as he can.

Bill has designed some of the world’s best hotels, including The Capella Ubud, The Intercontinental in Danang, and The Tented Camp by Four Seasons in Chiang Rai.

Bill speaks from his home of 30 years in Bangkok, Thailand, and told me how well Thailand has done to stave off the major catastrophe in this highly populated metropolis.

He shares some of his favourite projects with me, like the Shinta Mani Wild.

I love quirky hotels, and I also am a huge one for immersion into the culture of a place, so I try to look for places that offer both.

Wild by name, wild by nature, Shinta Mani Wild occupies a pristine 865 acres river valley on the southern border of the Cardamom National Forest.

Bill is passionate about giving back to the community as well as conservation. He often builds hotels and uses as many recycled – or should I say Upcycled – objects that he can find.

Shinta Mani Wild is an all-inclusive hospitality and conservation experience, where your stay makes a real difference in protecting unique and endangered species.

Graduates from Phnom Penh’s Royal University have joined Shinta Mani Wild as the camp’s onsite expert naturalists.

Shinta Mani Wild funds a dedicated Wildlife Alliance ranger station within its camp. Guests are invited to join the rangers in their diverse work, which includes dealing with a multitude of snares and the animals they catch, arresting poachers and loggers and seizing the likes of chainsaws and homemade guns, and on a happy day the release of captured wildlife.

Then we talked about a few Hotels, like the Capella Ubud and The Four Seasons Tented Camp in the Golden Triangle in Chang Rai.

I had the pleasure to speak with Tobias Emmer at this amazing property, and he is a wealth of information. Hidden within exotic bamboo jungles overlooking Myanmar and Laos, The Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle offers tailor-made, all-inclusive experiences in sumptuous tented accommodations, accompanied by a comprehensive list of activities.

Take an excursion to colorful local markets and temples, then absorb the tropical tranquility with an open-air massage among the treetops. Enjoy sun-downers at the Burma Bar, then share unforgettable dining experiences in a safari-camp atmosphere at the Nong Yao Restaurant.

On the show, we talk about why the elephants are there and how they were rescued from the streets of Thailand and you can experience “My Elephant and I,” which you learn about the lives of these gentle giants – and interact with them – in their natural jungle habitat.

It is a place to add to any Post Pandemic Bucket list, that’s for sure!

Bhutan is the land of happiness

Next on the show we head to Bhutan. The happiest place on earth!  I am told that Bhutan is the only country in the world to officially measure national happiness. The index is known as GNH (Gross National Happiness). Rather than placing emphasis on GDP, Bhutan attempts to track the happiness of its population, according to my interview with Prem Syal from HI Tours.

Bhutan is also known as Druk Yul, meaning the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon.’ It is nestled in the eastern Himalayas between two big giants, China and India. The Buddhist Kingdom opened itself to the rest of the world in the 1960’s.

The Himalayas are a mesmerizing sightseeing location for tourists. The famous monasteries like Tiger’s Nest Monastery are scenic and stand on a cliff above an enchanting forest of blue pines.

Bhutan is the only carbon negative country in the world, which means that it absorbs more carbon dioxide than it produces.

Bhutan has one of the most stable ecosystems that will make you experience real nature! There is virtually no environmental damage due to its long isolation.

So, when you visit Bhutan, you will encounter the heritage and the goodness of nature.

Great Britain offers endless adventures

After this we of course have to go to my home country of Great Britain and I talk to Paul Gauger from VisitBritain.

Of course, I could talk all day about my country, but Paul is perfect person to tell us about the wide-open spaces, the castles and the cycle tracks, and much more! He is now living in New York and is a real globetrotter – this is a big trait among the British.

There are tons of amazing locations to visit in Great Britain. According to Paul, people traveling in the post-pandemic world will want to get outside and explore – that is see the coasts, the castles, and country sides. Yes, Britain is full of history and culture, so it will be on many people’s bucket list!

Kenya is a locale with breathtaking scenery and welcoming people

My show finishes off in Kenya. This African country is known for its rich history, unique culture, breathtaking scenery, and wild animals. Even better, the people here are welcoming, and the hospitality is top shelf – there are lots of hotels that connect with the landscape, inside and out.

Pauljones Wegoye from Aerocruise, an aviation and travel company, joins me on the show and talks about the growth of his company and highlights the safari experience. Yes, it’s a must when you visit Kenya, according to this travel specialist.

Stay Tuned – More Shows Coming

I am elated with my new show for travel enthusiasts around the world, and I have lots more episodes to launch.

Stay tuned!

If you want to be on my new show, contact me today and discover how I can help your travel business.

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