Kindred will help reduce the spread of germs and diseases with its smart-tracking technology

Kindred will help reduce the spread of germs and diseases with its smart-tracking technology

While the United States and the rest of the world is frantically working to contain the worst pandemic in more than a century, a group of technology and business leaders from across the nation have teamed up to create a new and innovative app that will help reduce the spread of germs and diseases.

Called Kindred, this app will remind users of when and how often they need to wash their hands, and it offers daily hand washing tips, as well as logs hand washing activities. Kindred can also record a user’s body temperature anonymously daily and this information will be stored in an organized database. The database will be available to the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) and Prevention and an array of health organizations across the country. Additionally, users will be able to see where there are spikes in temperatures across the US.

The app is free and purely community driven. Its purpose is to identify areas that show extraordinary changes in fevers as they happen, allowing us to be more “active” than “reactive.” Users only need to input their Zip Code for instant data picture purposes.

This first-of-its-kind app was built with simplicity for all ages, from children to seniors, to help families and communities manage cleanliness needs and prevent the spread of infection. The app also offers a hand washing timer; about 30 seconds of washing is recommended by the CDC.

The Kindred team is made up of designers, developers, and business experts who create results-driven solutions for the healthcare industry.


“The mission of Kindred is to help prevent the spread of infections,” explains Erin Patterson, who is one of the lead developers of the app.

She is based in San Francisco and has extensive experience in architecture with a specialty in hospitals and healthcare clinics where infection control is paramount.

“When I was studying for an exam about two years ago, I was astounded after learning the amount of people who get hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and what it costs hospitals and how many people die from them in hospitals. HAIs are most frequently transmitted through direct contact with unclean hands. This trickles down to the general public – people don’t wash their hands enough and it’s a huge problem. Hand washing is the most important measure to reduce transmitting infections and the #1 reason people don’t wash hands is forgetfulness.”

“Our end goal is to alert people to take action and help reduce the spread of diseases,” she adds.

Ira Hayes hails from San Diego and is an IoT (Internet of Things) expert.

“We are bringing preventive measures, self-awareness and community awareness for health standards,” explains Hayes. “At present, there is a gap between the testing and real-time geographical outbreak modeling. Smart-thermometer companies have shown promise in helping to build this model but not everyone owns a smart thermometer and supplies are limited. Anyone who owns a thermometer has the ability to self-report on the website and app. Submit an accurate body temperature (oral temperature taken with a digital thermometer), enter your zip code and THAT’S IT. Input results daily like brushing your teeth, or whenever you have time, tell a friend, and let’s work together to stay safe in the time of COVID-19! Self-reported temperature data will help build a better real-time picture of an outbreak.”

“Our software empowers users and will get them enthused to wash their hands more often, take their temperature more often, and build effective health habits.” he adds. “Users will get some cleanliness collateral from just visiting our website and using our software; help yourself and help the community.”

The Kindred team will be releasing supplemental, AI tools and cutting-edge products to support their mission shortly.

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