Lorraine Simpson: Vancouver’s Loop Insights grows in the $355-billion digital advertising market

Lorraine Simpson: Vancouver’s Loop Insights grows in the $355-billion digital advertising market

Here they grow again.

Loop Insights have some big news to share: DGTL Holdings Inc. just signed a joint venture with the Vancouver-based company for an integrated AI-Platform serving global entertainment and gaming brands and major league sports.

The partnership solidifies Loop’s growth in the $355-billion digital advertising market. Advertising is a big market, one that involves tons and tons of travel business too, like airlines, hotels, and the list could go on.

I always enjoy seeing new companies doing well and Loop has been experiencing tremendous growth over the last year.

The new partnership will give Loop direct access to major brands who are already working with DGTL and #Hashoff and many others, giving the company an even larger presence in the digital advertising space.

At the core of the joint venture is Loop’s data analytics and their digital Wallet Pass technologies and DGTL’s social media CMS platform, providing global brand customers with the unparalleled ability to connect directly with their customers and push real-time promotions and content to fans and consumers.

These two technologies combined will go a long way as the companies now have the increased ability to establish a deeper connection between brands and consumers, while creating new revenue streams and collaborative project with key brand accounts.

Here is a case in point: at Super Bowl XXI, DGTL’s enterprise level CMS platform #Hashoff activated micro-influencers to successfully drive one million brand engagements for Bud Light beer.

Under the agreement Loop Insights and DGTL Holdings will combine their transformative technologies to onboard real-world consumers and fans at the point of sale in both the physical and digital space. By converting consumers from physical locations and onboarding them to Loop’s Insights platform, both companies will gain access to new users and revenue streams. The integration with DGTL will also provide Loop with a direct channel to DGTL’s portfolio of clients and partners.

This is a new business model for Loop, where they are working with an agency to get access to that agency’s customers and brands.  This could be a much more lucrative model than just targeting companies in one off deals, so I can’t wait to see what they are going to announce next in this space!

And here is where I want to really highlight Loop’s Wallet pass technology. This platform connects brands and consumers, but it also goes one step further: it’s touchless and can be used with NFC readers to help keep people safer and it will help reboot a number of industries deeply affected by the global pandemic, one being travel. Their Wallet pass solution provides real-time communications – information and promotions – for business owners, and this technology helps enable travel and venue bubble solutions in live environments, which provides enterprises, sports and entertainment venues and governments with a venue management and contact tracing platform, which can integrate with verified COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Certifications.  Loop recently worked with bdG Sports to power 3 March Madness feeder tournaments in the US with their venue management solution, and you can see the case study here.  They are also powering the venue management at the MGM PGA Event in Las Vegas this weekend.

I just had the opportunity to catch up with Mike Racic, the CEO of DGTL Holdings, and Rob Anson, the CEO of Loop Insights, and both are very excited with the new joint venture.

“Integrating with DGTL Holdings’ leading digital advertising platform will assist and bring incredible value to our existing clients,” Anson explains. “Loop will also benefit from direct access to major Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Brands involved in the live sports and entertainment industry. Together with DGTL, Loop is able to close the loop on the digital activations, improving the in-game experience for fans while providing real-time measurement for agencies and CPG brands. This is extremely valuable and creates exciting new revenue opportunities.”

Racic echoes his view.

“Loop Insights’ ability to connect sponsor and brand activations at the transaction level and tie back to their Wallet pass technology provides a valuable data collection and enhancement feature for our clients,” Racic says. “The integrated product offering will now be able to provide brands direct access to their customers through the Loop Wallet Pass and deliver real-time campaign performance metrics associated with their advertising campaigns. We look forward to working with Loop Insights to enhance the value of the data we return to our clients.”

Loop Insights is a great Canadian company and we should all applaud their efforts in growth and helping reboot our economy on all fronts.

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