Iowa’s Fritz Toffee wins Gold and Bronze in the 2020 Toffee AWARDS Competition

Iowa’s Fritz Toffee wins Gold and Bronze in the 2020 Toffee AWARDS Competition

The Fritz family has just received some ‘sweet’ news!

The makers of the widely popular Fritz Toffee have won Gold (Best Texture) and Bronze (Top Toffee) in the 2020 Toffee AWARDS Competition.

The annual Toffee AWARDS Competition is hailed as the Academy Awards, or Oscars, among toffee and chocolate connoisseurs around the world.

The competition is hosted by The International Chocolate Salon, and winners are based on the combined total number of votes received by each entrant from the Judging Panel, consisting of National and Regional Magazines, Newspapers and Blog Editors, plus Topic Experts, Local Chefs, and Food Gurus.

Taking home two awards is huge for Fritz Toffee, especially since they only launched their brand on the market eight months ago.

Based in Ames and Colo, Iowa, Fritz Toffee will now display the Official Award Winner Title and Logo on all their packaging.

“We are truly honored and humbled to take home two major awards – words just can’t describe with how good we feel right now,” smiles James Fritz.  “Everyone keeps telling us that we have the best toffee in the world, and this has now been officially confirmed by a panel of leading judges with The International Chocolate Salon Awards. Our family is grateful for everyone’s support, and we are thrilled to be recognized now as a top brand in the toffee world. As well, our family also wants to say a big congratulations to all the winners in this year’s awards – we are in good company, that’s for sure!”

Fritz Toffee is now being sold at a number of select Hy-Vee locations in Ames and Des Moines, and they ship daily to scores of toffee lovers from across the USA, Canada, and beyond! Their brand is also sold at the Purveyor in Des Moines. The family works around-the-clock at the Country House Family Restaurant in Colo making batches of toffee – a recipe that has been in the family for decades, thanks for Grandma Fritz.

Perfected over decades, and unlike anything you’ve ever tasted, Fritz Toffee is a family delicacy. There’s nothing artificial about Fritz Toffee. It’s made with simple, raw ingredients and no preservatives. Sourced with organic almonds and pecans, Fritz Toffee ensures the highest level of quality and flavor. Crispy and nutty, smooth and buttery, Fritz Toffee is a melt-in-your-mouth treat, and even better – it’s Grandma Fritz approved!

“Running a family business and now being a household name is a ‘sweet’ adventure of us,” says James. “We take great pride in our toffee and we are excited to grow even more in the US market and other markets around the world. Our future is very bright and what really sets us apart from other brands is that our toffee has the most amazing texture and the right mixture of incredible flavors, and what people also really like is that our toffee doesn’t stick to your teeth!”

Fritz Toffee is also an IdeaPros Certified Partner. Based in San Diego, IdeaPros is renowned for helping new innovators launch their products on the market.

To review the list of winners, visit: The 2020 Toffee AWARDS Competition.



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