Iowa family launches toffee empire

Iowa family launches toffee empire

After years of running a small restaurant, the Fritz family is all set for a “sweet” new adventure

A new brand of toffee that just hit the market has been 40 years in the making, but after having one bite of it you will definitely agree the wait has been absolutely worth it.

You see, the Fritz family in Ames, Iowa, has a long history of making candies of sorts that never disappoint.

The Country House Family Restaurant, an establishment which they have owned and operated for the last three decades in nearby Colo, has always offered its devoted patrons with an assortment of homemade treats.

The restaurant has long been hailed as the “go-to” place among locals and visitors alike who want an amazing home-cooked meal, and spectacular tasting toffee.

“My Mom has been making all sorts of candies for 40 years now, and ever since her and Dad opened up the restaurant, they started offering their treats on a display stand over by the cash register,” explains James Fritz. “Scores of people have been raving about our toffee for many years, and we finally decided that now is the time to launch it for the whole world to savor.”

Fritz Toffee, a brand that bears the family name, is truly exceptional in taste. This new empire is run and operated by James and his wife Molly, and his two brothers. Mom and Dad make the toffee, and the entire family works together daily packaging boxes and shipping orders.

All their toffee is made by hand right in Colo at the family restaurant with the finest ingredients: milk chocolate, sugar, butter, almonds, and pecans. Even better, their toffee is gluten free!

Fritz Toffee is made by hand right in Colo with the finest ingredients: milk chocolate, sugar, butter, almonds, and pecans. Even better, their toffee is gluten free! Fritz Toffee is an IdeaPros Certified Partner.

“Our toffee is very unique and distinct compared to other brands on the market,” says James. “What sets us apart from the rest is that our toffee has the most amazing texture and the right mixture of incredible flavors, and it doesn’t stick to your teeth.”

In fact, it was Grandma Sandy who originally perfected the toffee, and she of course shared the “crisp and nutty, smooth and buttery” recipe with the entire family.

Three generations later and the rest is history!

“Everyone keeps telling us how much they love our toffee and it is a huge hit among ‘sweet tooth lovers’ locally and right across the United States,” says James. “We recently hosted a booth at the Des Moines Holiday Boutique Show and toffee lovers welcomed us with open arms. So many people’s eyes lit up and they had huge smiles on their faces after taking a bite of our toffee.”

James says that the Fritz family is all set for a “sweet” new adventure.

“My parents and family have been running a restaurant basically in the middle of nowhere for many years, so now we want to try something new,” he says. “My parents deserve the break, and we want the world to taste and embrace our new brand of toffee.”

He adds, “Once you have a bite of Fritz Toffee, you will be hooked right away… Trust me!”

This new line of toffee costs $20 (USD) per box. And this is toffee you won’t regret spending money on. Shop online now and place your order today!


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