Goliath High-Rise Sports Chair Named Winner in Top Sports Fan Product Category for 2021 by The New York City Herald Board of Directors

Goliath High-Rise Sports Chair Named Winner in Top Sports Fan Product Category for 2021 by The New York City Herald Board of Directors

Sure, the sports world – amateur and professional – has been going through lots of ups and downs since COVID-19 took its grip on the world.

However, there is still lots of good news happening on the rinks, fields, and courts right across America, and even on the sidelines and in the stands for that matter.

You see, while the likes of the NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB, and hometown sports clubs, have all been frantically seeking solutions on the scheduling and playoff fronts, an inventor from Toms River, New Jersey, has been busy unveiling his new innovation that is now taking the sports and events world by storm.

This new product may not change lives per say, but it is going to be a game-changer on how we all watch sports, and concerts, now and well into the future.

Meet Goliath – a high-rise sports chair that gives every sports fan and concert goer the best seat in the house.

Goliath officially launched on the market last fall, and it will have a positive impact on sports fans and music lovers from coast-to-coast, and this is why The New York City Herald has named Goliath as the Winner in its Top Sports Fan Product Category for 2021.

With readers across the USA and beyond, The New York City Herald is now the go-to-technology-source for news junkies who want the scoop on the latest and greatest products and innovations.

The New York City Herald’s Editorial Board comprises of leading tech journalists from across the nation, who closely reviewed countless of entries for this year’s Top Sports Fan Product Category. There were over 400 entries submitted for this award.

“Goliath is a high-rise sports chair that has innovation written all over it,” states the Editorial Board of The New York City Herald in its decision.

“This clever sports chair has the fans top of mind and is a smart solution to viewing local sports games. The small benches and bleachers for fans simply do not cut it anymore and Goliath raises the bar for parents, friends and fans alike to cheer on their hometown teams. In the near future, we highly see this product used at larger venues in the semi-pro and professional leagues, especially since the world is adapting to a new normal, which will most likely involve social distancing.”

The brainchild behind this invention is Bill Xiques, and since launching, major new outlets and their affiliates have been covering, which include The Boston Herald, Sun Coast News Network, NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX, to name a handful.

According to a press release on the product, “Goliath includes a comfortable seat cushion for the best support, folds for easy transportation, and easily extends to the height of your liking (up to 60 inches/5-feet). This high-rise sports chair, which can hold up to 500 pounds but is still lightweight, allows anyone to capture those video and photo moments without someone else’s head blocking all the action. And it gives people with knee, hip, or back issues the ability to comfortably watch sports events they wouldn’t normally be able to watch from a low chair.”

The product will also have other applications, and it will be ideal for lifeguards at hotels and resorts, and even fishing enthusiasts. We might even see PGA fans using it at the next Masters Tournament.

To order your new high-rise sport chair, visit Goliath today.

Goliath is an IdeaPros Certified Partner. Using an exhaustive screening process, IdeaPros handpicks less than 2% of the ideas presented to it by brilliant entrepreneurs. If chosen, an entrepreneur can rely on IdeaPros managing every step of the creative evolution, cultivating and nurturing great ideas through its unique, agile product development process, using real-world target customer feedback to create compelling products that people will buy on a large-scale basis.

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  • William Xiques
    January 28, 2021, 10:19 pm

    Thank you very much for the kind words and terrific story..


  • Carol
    January 28, 2021, 10:56 pm

    Congratulations on a GREAT invention!
    Such an awesome idea!


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