Delta Air Lines sets up street ‘cabins’ as an escape for busy New Yorkers

Delta Air Lines sets up street ‘cabins’ as an escape for busy New Yorkers

Delta Air Lines Inc. is getting into the pop-up workspace industry.

The carrier (NYSE: DAL) has set up “cabins” that passersby can reserve for 30 minute slots via a website. The pop ups are being set up at in Manhattan’s Flatiron District on East 23rd St.

The pods allow New Yorkers to take a call or meeting, or simply relax for a bit, the carrier announced, adding: “Comfort and quiet amid the NYC hustle.”

Users can choose from one of two cabins. There’s the individual experience — which includes one comfortable lounge chair, LED TV for presentations and a special gift — as well as the group experience, which is touted as “The First Class” cabin for a group of four or less.

Amenities in the group cabin include a conference table and four chairs, as well as an LED TV for presentations and a special gift.

New York media website BuzzFeed co-sponsored the initiative with Delta.

The free space opened to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Wednesday, Sept. 25th. It will remain open through Friday, Sept. 27th.

The campaign comes as Delta Air Lines expands its airport presence, particularly in Boston.
Delta assumed operations at all gates in Boston Logan Airport’s Terminal A earlier this week, becoming the terminal’s sole operator for the first time since the facility opened in 2005.

The move comes as a growing challenge to New York-based JetBlue, the largest airline in Boston with roughly 30 percent market share.

More gates allows airlines to operate more flights per day, giving them the ability to either go to new destinations or build on existing service.


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