Crash Pad protects your prized possessions, makes trailer hitching easier

Crash Pad protects your prized possessions, makes trailer hitching easier

The global pandemic has turned the world upside down.

We all know that, including Ken Noel, an inventor who hails from Sacramento, California.

But he knows one thing: when life throws you lemons, you don’t make lemonade – you get innovative and reinvent yourself.

You see, for years Noel has worked as a general contractor, and COVID-19 shut his business down. In lockdown mode and with social distancing measures in place, he got to work and got serious with his new invention: Crash Pad.

Crash Pad is an innovative trailer hitch, and it holds a full Design Patent in the United States and is now being widely sold to consumers in the USA and beyond.

The trailer hitch is amazing as it offers protection from the common dings and dents that occur while hitching your trailer and helps keep you safe on the road. If you rely on trailers, then this product is an amazing solution and makes any job simple: it saves on resources because you don’t need a spotter, and it saves the dents on your bumper, and when you use it, you don’t have to get out of your truck ten times to make sure the trailer is connected right.

He launched Crash Pad on the market with the help of IdeaPros in San Diego a couple of years back and since then he has been busy at trade shows promoting his product. He has also been active on the media, social media, and marketing fronts in order to get his product more widely noticed among consumers.

What the pandemic did however was free up more of his time and allowed him to re-think life. So, he is now working full-time making Crash Pads, and life couldn’t be better.

The rest is history and Noel and his team are making over 100 Crash Pads per week and sales are rolling in.

“We are cooking with gas,” laughs Noel, who sports a welding helmet at his shop in Elk Grove. He holds up a Crash Pad, his prize possession, and then places it on a table with scores of others. Soon they will all be painted, boxed, and shipped out to customers from coast-to-coast.

“The pandemic threw everyone a curve ball; however, I knew it was all a blessing in disguise. It was a perfect opportunity to get moving and produce lots of Crash Pads, which are now selling online. The goal next is to get the product into popular stores and grow this business. I have my mind made up – I want to make Crash Pads forever and help make life ‘less bumpy’ for people who use trailer hitches.”

His “Made In America” product is precisely welded, extremely durable, and makes for a tough and practical tool for your rig that will ensure the safety of your payloads for years to come.

Crash Pad is also a member of NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufacturers). Earlier this year, Noel and his team showcased Crash Pad at NATM’s annual Convention & Trade Show in Las Vegas. Noel has plans to attend more trade shows later this year and in 2021.

“People love Crash Pad because they can easily align their trailer latch to the ball without even needing a spotter,” he explains. “With Crash Pad, your aim is true every time. Owning one means that you will avoid everything from cosmetic damage to serious safety risks as you guide your trailer to the ball. Whether you are connecting your prized boat, camper, horse trailer, toy hauler, or an equipment trailer, this product will get you matched up right…. every time!

Order your Crash Pad today and get hitched!

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