Candy lovers just can’t get enough of Fritz Toffee at The Purveyor in Des Moines, Iowa

Candy lovers just can’t get enough of Fritz Toffee at The Purveyor in Des Moines, Iowa

While people are scrambling to buy toilet paper during the COVID-19 pandemic across the United States, the scene in Des Moines, Iowa, is much different.

Sure, consumers here still want to stock-up on white-rolls, dry pasta, and canned goods, but candy lovers don’t want to be left without their supply of Fritz Toffee that’s being sold at The Purveyor – a modern, European style market that curates the best local charcuterie, exclusive tap bottle wines and luxury based goods.

One thing is certain when you enter The Purveyor: you will sip and savor with ease while exploring and experiencing the unexpected, and you now have access to the world’s best toffee.

Drew Charron, who is the lead manger at The Purveyor, says the establishment just started selling Fritz Toffee and candy lovers just can’t get enough of it.

“People are enjoying the local-made toffee for its natural ingredients and they like the fact that it doesn’t stick to your teeth,” says Charron. “Fritz Toffee is a great seller here and our clients just love it.”

After years of running a small restaurant in Colo, Iowa, the Fritz family launched their brand of toffee on the market only a few months ago. Fritz Toffee is also an IdeaPros Certified Partner. Based in San Diego, California, IdeaPros is renowned for helping new innovators launch their products on the market.

Their toffee has been 40 years in the making, according to James Fritz.

“My mom has been making all sorts of candies for 40 years now, and ever since her and Dad opened up the restaurant, they started offering their treats on a display stand over by the cash register,” says James. “Scores of people have been raving about our toffee for many years and we finally decided that now is the time to launch it for the whole world to savor.”

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Posted by Fritz Toffee on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Fritz family has a long history of making candies of a wide variety. The Country House Family Restaurant, an establishment which they have owned and operated for the last three decades, has always offered an assortment of homemade treats.

“My parents and family have been running a restaurant basically in the middle of nowhere for many years, so now we want to try something new,” says James. “My parents deserve the break and we want the world to taste and embrace our new brand of toffee.”

Fritz Toffee, a brand that bears the family name, is a new company and is run and operated by James, his wife Molly and his two brothers. Fritz’s parents make the toffee and the entire family works together daily to package boxes and ship orders. The family spends five days a week making and packaging the toffee.

“You read about a lot of candies online that say they are handmade in small batches; we actually hand-make every batch and hand-package every single batch,” says James. “If we don’t like a batch, we throw it out. If one for humidity reasons isn’t good, we throw it out.”

All their toffee is made by hand in Colo at the family restaurant.

“Our toffee is very unique and distinct compared to other brands on the market,” says James. “What sets us apart from the rest is that our toffee has the most amazing texture and the right mixture of incredible flavors, and it doesn’t stick to your teeth.”

Frtiz’s grandma Sandy originally perfected the toffee and she eventually shared the recipe with the entire family.

“Everyone keeps telling us how much they love our toffee, and it is a huge hit among ‘sweet-tooth lovers’ locally and right across the United States,” says James.

“The journey has been rather fun, and it’s also been kind of stressful. “We all work, so this is done on the side right now. Our family is extremely close, so there is no negative friction. It is fun; there isn’t anybody I would rather go into business with.”

If you don’t live in Des Moines, don’t worry, you can satisfy your sweet tooth by ordering online: Fritz Toffee

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