• From Prison to the Atlanta Tech Village

    From Prison to the Atlanta Tech Village2

    A group of men began developing and designing apps in prison, with creativity and drive leading them all the way to the Silicon Valley of the South. Now they have joined the ranks of leading innovators in the Atlanta Tech Village, the fourth largest tech hub in the United States. AGAIT Holdings LLC is an entity that

  • Regal Security Expands into the USA

    Regal Security Expands into the USA0

    Why businesses and organizations across the USA are in dire need of more security guards and integrated security solutions. The increasing demand for security services across the United States has prompted Regal Security to extend its expertise beyond Canadian borders. The renowned integrated security firm has announced its expansion into the U.S. market with the

  • Technology and Our Community

    Technology and Our Community23

    Thirty Days and still going. Chief Businessaire J. L. Watson Chairman, President, Co-CEO of WWBH and Airetech Holdings, LLC is still at it. “With the Product Zipplign, we will be able to reform, refine and revitalize communities throughout the city of Richmond first, then nationally, then internationally. Our focus with Airetech at this moment is

  • How Lander will revolutionize the hiring process

    How Lander will revolutionize the hiring process0

    Well-known online career hubs are tedious, time-wasting, impersonal, and in a word outdated. Candidates spend hours browsing jobs and submitting individual resumes, drafting cover letter after cover letter, just to find their email inbox empty because they didn’t apply to the right jobs. Lander is revolutionizing the hiring process by streamlining and organizing the job

  • From Crime To C.R.I.M.E.

    From Crime To C.R.I.M.E.12

    Ja’von L. Watson recently released from Prison is a man with vision. While in prison he co-founded Watson & Wilson Businessaire Holdings, LLC a company that provides real estate, business management, financial and HR services to the public. He also co-founded AireTech Holdings, LLC, an information technology company that designs Apps, and gaming applications. “With

  • BrandBucks app is democratizing the world of influencer marketing

    BrandBucks app is democratizing the world of influencer marketing0

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What if it was worth more than just words? Meet BrandBucks, a new app, where taking pictures and posting them on social media easily earns rewards. Traditional influencer marketing relies on big name celebrities and Instagram famous people to promote products. BrandBucks users can earn rewards