• New blood test could detect 20 types of cancer

    New blood test could detect 20 types of cancer0

    A new blood test now under development can help detect 20 kinds of cancer, according to trials underway at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. In trials, the test correctly identified 32% of patients with stage-one disease and 76% of those with stage-two disease, the institute announced. Breast, colorectal and lung cancers were among those detected in

  • Downtime in Niagara

    Downtime in Niagara0

    With a crop of new dining and drinking options, the peninsula is overhauling its reputation Here’s some welcome news for Torontonians who associate Niagara with indoor water parks and overpriced chain restaurants: the culinary scene across the region has come into its own, spurred on by a contingent of young, energetic chefs, vintners and brewmasters.